The Manhattan Hotel, Rotterdam is Proud of Itself

November 14, 2010

Supposedly the only five star hotel in Rotterdam, the Manhattan Hotel is very proud of itself. They say so in all of their marketing materials which are liberally scattered throughout the room, in the hallways, and on the intarwebs. The hotel is very conveniently located right across the construction zone from the train station, making it easy to find. And checkin was very generic with cute blonds who know absolutely nothing but what their computers tell them. Alas, five star places in Europe still have not figured out that we like Internet for free. I’m paying 35 Euros for two days worth of net…and get this…the wired variety. Personally, I think that deserves a subtraction of at least two of the stars right there.

I am in room 305 which is a generic euro-rectangle room with a nice high end bathroom. After the College Hotel, this place feels like a hamster cage. I guess it’s good to be spoiled.

Here is a picture of the glass shower cube (we approve) taken through the bathroom mirror. THe shower itself is very nice with plentiful hot water and great pressure.

Hopefully the shower will live up to its modern looks.  (It does.) Another view from the bathtub.

And I would be remiss not to include a picture of the tub itself.  Seems unlikely that I’ll try it out this trip.

We’ll have to give the Manhattan Hotel a four out of five showerheads.  It’s a nice place, but simply too generic to rate a five, especially in comparison to the kinds of boutique hotels that this blog is about.

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