Radisson Edwardian, London = just another link in a chain

November 18, 2010

I stayed at the Radisson Edwardian hotel in London (spitting distance from Canary Wharf) just a few days after they opened way back in the hazy past. The hotel is very nice, but it is also a chain and suffers from some chain like problems. It is filled with business people and contractors since it is so convenient to London’s financial district.

The rooms themselves are small but very modern. And the bathroom/closet area is, um, interesting. For example, they use the “we don’t trust you not to steal our hangers” kind of hangers. I find this design off putting and pathetic. You just know it came down from corporate as some kind of design rule. This is one of the reasons that I really don’t like hotel chains.

They have really interesting sinks in the room. But the sinks, the tub and the shower have soap containers just shouting out for nair.

The shower is really nifty, though. It’s a nice glass cube with an overhead gravity soaker showerhead.

All in all the Radisson Edwardian is so convenient to where I usually have to be in London that I’m sure I will be there again. Maybe I should steal some of their stupid hangers just to make a point. This hotel gets a three showerhead rating.

Mixology bonus for London. I tried out the Mayfair Bar which touts itself as the best bar in London. You know, it may well be. That is very sad. The Mayfair has a very thin top shelf with no bourbons or rums to speak of, a generic selection of gins, and a list of concoctions that are way too sweet to be considered proper cocktails. Great atmosphere, lousy bar.

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