Finally, No Fly December is Here (now known as No Fly Noel)

December 1, 2010

Years ago on the advice of my most excellent boss, I came up with a travel policy to help control my runaway travel problem. I don’t travel during “no fly July” or during “no fly December” (though the latter clearly needs a better alliterative name—see comments below). I also mark off one week a month in advance as a “no fly” week. This allows me to sleep in my bed and spend at least two whole months remembering why travel is not all that terrible.

Last year I added a new wrinkle to the non-travel regime by renovating the guest house and thereby getting people I want to meet with to come to me. I’m hoping to do more of that next year. The tactic did work, though, cutting my travel down by 10%. In 2010, I flew 115,735 miles on United (breaking 1,000,000 lifetime miles in December).

Even with this policy in place, I travel plenty. Here’s the latest version of the tripometer graph (updated this year to read left to right so people understand it better).

As you can see, plenty of trips for plenty of talks and plenty of in-person networking. There is really no substitute for doing this kind of work in person, so I intend to continue reviewing hotels for the foreseeable future. But for now, I get to rest my bones beside the fire.

10 Responses to “Finally, No Fly December is Here (now known as No Fly Noel)”

  1. Anonymous Coward Says:

    No Fly Yule

  2. showertaker Says:

    An excellent and humorous suggestion. Can we add an accent to “Yule”? Do they do so in any of the various world cultures rendering it a two syllable glob?

  3. Anonymous Coward Says:

    No Fly Noël (FR)
    No Fly Nollick (GV)
    No Fly Joulu (FI)
    No Fly Jõulud (ET)

  4. showertaker Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.

    “No fly Noel” is thusly Christened.

    Anonymous Coward saves the day. We would thank you, but we have no idea who you are.

  5. CosmoGirl Says:

    I wish I had come up with it! I am French after all. Maybe anonymous coward is Belgian?

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  7. Renovating the guest house… brilliant idea! Make ’em come to you. Build an all-inclusive resort with no plastic showers! And plenty of live music and bonfires…

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