Birthday bribery from Boston

March 1, 2011

Joe Capalbo and the gang at the Hotel Marlowe have done it again. I just turned 45 last week and on return to my office I found a Fedex box on my desk. The box contained a very fragile model of a glass shower (slightly the worse for wear having flown with Fedex) and a birthday note from everyone on the Marlowe staff.  The note said something to the effect of, “In case you ever find yourself stuck in a hotel with a plastic shower we have given you something to bring along in your suitcase.”  No plastic showers uber alles!

The miniature glass shower takes its place of honor among various other coveted items on top of my filing cabinet: Mr Potatohead, “Turtles all the way down,” a dead hacker beanbag, and the graduate school Waste knob.  Rock on Marlowe staff.  We had a blast at the office laughing about the shower.  Thanks!

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  1. […] Joe Capalbo, who was the GM at the time, took it upon himself to fix the problem. He even sent me a toy glass shower for my birthday which to this day lives in my office in Virginia. Thank goodness Joe is around, […]

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