Palomar, San Francisco: Home for a week

February 19, 2011

Unlike my previous two abbreviated visits to the Palomar in San Francisco, this time I got to stay a for a week. San Francisco is an excellent city to be stuck in for a week even if it is rainy and cold the entire time. The Palomar made a great home away from home. One of my favorite aspects of the Palomar is the friendly door men who make ducking in from the rain or hailing a cab a treat.

The kind front desk staff now run by Emilie Auger honored my request for room 812 which caught my eye due to its interesting architecture. The Palomar’s building includes a turret-like rounded corner. Room 812 incorporates the turret as the bedroom with a panoramic view. The view is fantastic (though wrestling with the curtains twice a day takes more effort that it should). Here are a couple of pictures of the bedroom.

Of course the best part about the room is not easily captured in bits…the view of the rounded ceiling from the bed. The ironic part of the room from the perspective of this blog is that its bathroom is nowhere near as good as the one just next door in room 814. Looks like you can either have an interesting room layout or a top of the line bathroom, but not both?! What’s up with that?

My arrival at the Palomar was very nice. The contents of the handwritten note in my room made it clear to me that the Palomar is paying close attention to its guests (thanks Natalie). They even know how many times I have visited over the years. I had to do a bit of furniture moving to make 812 feel like home. The room needs more attention from a furniture perspective and could use some art on the walls. On Monday I went across the street and bought some fresh flowers to add to the mix.

Here are a couple of pictures of the very nice but too generic bathroom in 812. Alas, no glass shower cubicle or hot tub.

This week I experienced one of those jam packed whirlwind weeks filled with meals, meetings, and massive amounts of schmoozing. Delivered three talks at the conference that brings everyone to town. Hosted a private party. Even played my fiddle with a jazz band. It was a great week, but it will take more than a few days to catch up on sleep. Here is a list of highlights.

Dang. No wonder I am still in recovery mode.

The Palomar retains its five showerhead ranking with a special tip of the hat to the staff.

3 Responses to “Palomar, San Francisco: Home for a week”

  1. Sammy Says:

    I will certainly second the selection at Alembic. It’s very nice to be able to get a good pour of hard-to-find bourbons whose bottle price is spiraling out of control.

    As for the Palomar, the staff was pleasant as ever. Morgan at the 5th floor bar is making a valiant attempt to improve the bourbon selection. Also, the food seems to have cranked up a notch with the presence of the new chef, “Hottest Chef in America” David Bazirgan.

    Looking forward to my next visit.

  2. Thank you for sitting in with us. You & your violin were marvelous!

  3. […] The Palomar in San Fran is in top form. I was informed on my check in that this is my 8th stay in the hotel. Cool. And that I get one of my favorite room types (this time room 714). Double cool. The front desk people are outstanding as always. Triple cool. […]

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