Hotel Marlowe, Cambridge, MA Starts 2011 Strong

January 14, 2011

Joe was good to his word. If Hotel Marlowe works this hard to earn back my business each time I stay, I’m there!

Though my trip to Boston was shortened by a day due to a winter storm, I was able to compress by meetings into a lunch-less glob and still make it up to Boston. After working hard all day, David Smith, Sammy and I decided to walk the two blocks in the tundra over to Drink so that we could make the concept of a Liberal more concrete. We’re doing what we can to ween David off Scotch (Scotch alone will kill you you know). Drink was fantastic as always. Though the short supply of Amer Picon has run dry, we set up a tasting of various Amer and Amaro from all over the world to try to reverse engineer a Liberal for David. They like to use Rye. I prefer Pappy van Winkle in my Liberals. I think Rye is better mixed in a Sazerac, though Drink makes this one with a twist as well using the New Orleans infusion that they substitute for absinthe (not going there). I’m pretty sure that Drink is the best bar in the world these days. Excellent and demanding mixology with no pretension at all. Just great people. Sammy and I had a Palmetto and convinced David to try some Eagle Rare 17. Before I left, I was brought a milk punch, which though really interesting is a bit on the sweet side for me. I will be back to Drink as many times as I can.

Things got even better when I drove my blizzard-proof rental SUV to the Marlowe and checked in. Everyone knew I was coming and I enjoyed check in thoroughly. My room, 621 is hands down the best room I have seen at the Marlowe. Here’s the view out of my window this morning and last night:

They have this thing called snow in Boston. Anyway, a nicely constructed cheese plate and a superior bottle of wine. A personal note. I take back all those things I said about the Mariottization of Kimptons. Without further ado, here are some pictures of the palatial bathroom and the very much non-plastic shower:

This trip promises to get even better since I am heading up to NH to play a gig tonight. Life is good.

The Hotel Marlowe is back at the top of the heap where it belongs. Five showerheads and an acknowledgement that bribery is a good thing.

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