Estancia Cristina is Incredible (Lago Argentina)

April 21, 2011

After the intolerable Esplendor, the boat ride and arrival at Estancia Cristina is like rain in the desert. Incredible. Amazing. Uplifting. Our planet is mind boggling.

The boat from Calafate takes about 2.5 hours with a detour to see the glacier in Lago Argentina. Expect plenty of opportunity for photos, a taste of winds to come, and a feeling of getting back to nature. The staff meets the boat and whisks non-day-trippers off to orientation in the Ocatagon. Then to the rooms.

Here is a view out of the bedroom window of C2.

We will overlook the fact that the showers have a shower curtain. Really, we will. Who needs a shower when you you can hike 12km to see a glacier?!

The bed.

This place is worth every precious penny they extract in fees. I might even pay more if they raise their prices (but do not let them know this). Fantastic staff. Superb property. Excellent adventure.

Estancia Cristina gets an automatic five shower heads. I will have to go raise some more money so I can come here again.

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