Hotel Esplendor Calafate Argentina a “New Radical” whatever that means

April 19, 2011

The fact that I am on the Internet through my mobile phone should tell you something about just how splendid the Hotel Esplendor is in Calafate. Like a Sheraton, the Esplendor seems to have spent plenty of money on pumping music into the lobby directly from a techno-trance palace in eastern Europe but somewhat less on Internet service beyond 8kb/sec up/down and the rooms where you are obliged to sleep.

Here is what is advertised as either a mountain view or a lake view (every room has one). This should teach us to book through the Internet, huh? Must remember: hip people do not use the Internet. Parking lot mountain we call this.

The guys at the front desk are all sleepy looking very nice guys (though can’t seem to solve the “I don’t really like my room” problem). They were very helpful setting up rides from the airport and out to the glacier (which was incredible). We are supposed tro stay here on our way back form an excursion tomorrow, but I am going to try to fix that and stay somewhere else if at all possible.

Room? Forgettable. Not boutique level, and two twin beds for a couple? This sucks.

Of course the shower is just what you might expect:

The hotel restaurant where we had a meal was not good. Do not eat here. Ever. Really.

So why the “new radical” in the title? Because this is by far the most entertaining sign witnessed in greater downtown Calafate. I guess a “new” radical is much better than a stodgy old conservative radical any day!

Damn good thing the outdoor scenery is among the best on the planet!

A measly one shower head for The Esplendor. Do not come here. Stay in a tent instead!

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