The BoBo Hotel Buenos Aires Argentina

April 15, 2011

After a long flight to Buenos Aires, and a taxi ride that somehow seems twice as far (?!), arriving at the Bobo Hotel and taking a hot shower is a nice experience. The hotel is situated in Palermo Soho, just a bit north of the center of the city (near the Zoo and the Plaza Italia). The Bobo has a funky style reflected in room #5 (argentina) where we are decamped.

So far Buenos Aires is different than I expected. Somehow more South American and less Parisian?! Hard to explain. This goes for the food as much it goes as the streets. The Palermo neighborhood where we spent most of day one has as many eclectic boutiques as it has trees. Great shopping if you are into interesting fashion designed locally.

Back at the Bobo in room 5, the bathroom has two sections, one with a hot tub integrated into a small balcony, and the other a shower room. The design reminds me of Costa Rica—a blend of tropical rainforest and California with a slight tinge of mildew in the air.

Probably the most interesting feature of the completely plastic free shower is the circular portal window. Nice water pressure with intuitive controls.

The bedroom also connects to the same small balcony with picture windows that bring the outside in. The trees are as striking as the ever present hum of traffic from the city.

All in all, the Bobo is great. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The property is well situated for the best parts of Buenos Aires. Five shower heads and a place high on the world list.

We spent 5 days in Buenos Aires before heading to Calafate. Here is a list of highlights.

The good:

  • Shopping in Palermo Soho
  • The toilet museum
  • The A line
  • Giving a talk at Universidad de Palermo: UP
  • Jolie Bistro for a leisurely brunch with Hanibal
  • Cabana Las Lilas, a restaurant deserving its excellent reputation
  • The Sunday antique market at San Telmo (bargain in Italiano instead of English)
  • Soccer on TV at a neighborhood dive close to La Boca
  • Dinner at La Baita
  • A talk at Core followed by a fantastic dinner at Fin Del Mundo

The not so much:

  • “Italian” food at the avoidable Lelé de Troya where the space outshines the food (minus 10 for Fodors)
  • Calle Florida
  • Going to Plaza Italia on the D line just before rush hour (is this Japan?)

Mixology has not quite arrived in Buenos Aires (or more likely Argentina as a whole). I was able to teach a bartender at Cabana Las Lilas how to make a drink called “The Getaway” when I noticed a bottle of Cynar on the shelf:
1 oz Dark rum, Havana Club 7 is what they had on hand
.5 oz Cynar
1 oz Lemon juice
1.5 oz Simple syrup
Shake and serve up in a chilled cocktail glass

The Bobo bar makes a mean drink (both Pisco Sours and Mojitos are well done by an authentic Cuban), and they have a bottle of Zacapa 23 on hand for sipping.

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  1. Estela Says:

    Un bello hotel, que nos brinda los mejores servicios para que nuestra estadía sea placentera.

    Estela – Hoteles en Argentina

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