Oliver Hotel in Knoxville, TN (a remembrance of boyhood)

September 13, 2011

I find myself in Tennessee, where I grew up and spent the first eighteen or so of my years. As soon as I landed and started driving my (crappy Hertz) rental car to Knoxville, the landscape struck a chord buried deep inside me. Green rolling hills, rivers, creeks, and Tennessee highways. Boyhood memories abound.

The Oliver Hotel is in the middle of the old part of Knoxville near the World’s Fair grounds and just past University of Tennessee. The World’s Fair was held in Knoxville in 1982. I attended with my brothers. A pedestrian mall was built downtown around three years ago, but it has not quite grown into its own. Apparently the restaurant churn is remarkable (and my ho hum meal at the forgettable Bella Luna shows why).

Anyway, the Oliver is definitely up to snuff and is very likely the best place to stay in Knoxville. I was in a suite 212 at the corner of the old building. The ceilings were incredibly high, and the arched windows overlooked the new pedestrian mall. Though the room was sparse and modern considering the architecture, it was also comfortable and well appointed. My only complaint about the room was that it was a bit noisy. Then again, Knoxville is a real city.

The king size bed seems small in the palatial room. The ceilings must be 20 feet high.

I wish I could have snapped more pictures, but my camera battery died.

Eyes to the left. The shower cubicle is sizeable. Ah, glass!

Eyes right. The rest of the bathroom includes a sizeable tub. How come I never get to use these things?

All in all the Oliver Hotel gets four showerheads. Knoxville has a boutique worth seeking out!

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