Hotel Helix, Washington, DC is a delight

September 14, 2011

Mid-week between Knoxville and Cincinatti involves Baltimore and College Park for some work with academia. In between is a night in Washington, DC at the Hotel Helix. The Helix is a Kimpton property, and you know how I feel about Kimptons. (Rock on Kimpton.)

Things started off on the right foot with some email from Ryan Cimei (Assistant GM), and only got better once I arrived. Friendly staff with personal greetings who had done their homework and even read this silly blog. We approve!

I arrived from Baltimore in my very own car. Roof down on a gorgeous Fall day (or maybe it was the last day of summer?). My room is 919. (Unlike in Las Vegas, this room is actually a suite with multiple rooms and everything. I guess it would be an entire apartment in Las Vegas?)

All this and pictures of Ken and Barbie on the wall.

Television shrine...all lit up (but thankfully off).

Best thing? A way personal note, some fruit and cheese, and the makings of a Gin Rickey from Kelly.

Gin Rickey fixins. The DC drink of choice. Kinda like go-go and Marion Barry.

The written instructions for a Gin Rickey are:
1.5 oz gin (in this case Beefeater, but I would try Plymouth instead)
1/2 fresh squeezed lime
sparkling water
lime wedge
Mix lime juice and gin in a highball full of ice. Top up with sparkling water and float a lime wedge.

Not a bad drink. Very summery, easy to drink and thus dangerous.

The bathroom is interestingly situated between the bedroom and the living area+hall room. Helix has no glass showers…alas, so we will have to overlook the bathtub shower thing. (I know, I know.)

Lets all pretend that this shower is not built from a bath tub.

Warhol inspired bathroom design.

The room with the bed is spacious and filled with light. Looking out the corner windows onto Rhode Island is nice.


My companion and I had a great time at happy hour chatting with fellow guests (and hotel collectors). Then we headed off in the mosquito to a memorable dinner with our friend Bill. Bill is a serious foodie. We went to ps 7’s which was quirky and interesting, but not really worth going out of your way to try.

Though the Hotel Helix has no glass showers, their top notch staff and attention to detail earn a five showerheads rating from me. The Palomar in DC may be the top end of the Kimpton food chain here in the city, but the Helix wins out with sheer attitude.

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