Indiana Hospitality at the Grant Street Inn in Bloomington

October 13, 2011

I have stayed at the Grant Street Inn in Bloomington many times. I even lived in Bloomington way back when it opened in the ’90s. Let me set the scene a little. Bloomington is a university town slightly off the beaten track nestled in rolling hills and woods next to a big lake. There are lots of gorgeous old trees. To get to Bloomington, you have to fly to Indianapolis and then drive an hour south. Bloomington is very much in the heart of the Midwest but with a liberal sensibility that only real university towns have.

Anyway, if you have to stay in Bloomington, there is no better place than the Grant Street Inn. It is an old house converted into a B&B/Inn. The rooms are well appointed, some with fireplaces. (Make sure to avoid the annex though!)

I am in room 30 this trip. The room is in a quiet section of the building and is dominated by a king size bed.

Room 30's big old bed. Nice quilt with no midwestern flowery stuffs.

The bathroom is interesting. Old fashioned tile with a very large (plastic) shower built into a hot tub. We’ll give them a pass on the plastic just because the design is interesting.

The shower part of the shower/hot tob extravaganza.

The hot tub part of the shower/hot tub extravaganza.

Ye olde button switch thingies.

Also of note is this set of switches in the bathroom. Buttons!

Finally, the rest of the bathroom. Plenty of room to maneuver.

Bathroom pod.

The Grant Street Inn is a four showerhead sort of place. I stay here every time I come to Bloomington to visit. (Oh yeah, and I found my camera.)

4 Responses to “Indiana Hospitality at the Grant Street Inn in Bloomington”

  1. Paul Wagoner Says:

    We are so pleased you like the Grant Street Inn and look forward to your next visit. Thanks for giving us a break on the plastic shower! :)

  2. showertaker Says:

    I will definitely be back in 2012.

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