La Cour des Augustins: Geneva as Base for No Apparent Reason

October 24, 2011

I am supremely pleased that my company has a sizable and growing European presence (based in London and Amsterdam). This go ’round they surely led me astray though. I was supposed to be in Europe for an EU meeting at the end of the week in Poznon, Poland (about more which later). The beginning of the week was meant to include some work in Geneva. So here I am, and no work people in sight.

I set up my trip with Geneva as the hub, and by the time Geneva was scratched off it was too late and too expensive to change it around. That means I am doing something truly crazy: flying from Geneva to Helsinki tomorrow, back Wednesday, to Poland Thursday, and back out through Geneva Friday/Saturday. I am pretty sure I don’t really need the frequent flyer miles!

At least the trip out was comfortable this time and I got a bit of sleep. Today’s mission, after checking in to a gorgeous room that was ready for me WAY WAY early at La Cour des Augustins was to take a shower and then attempt to stay up as late as possible. Looks like that might end up being 7:30PM given the droopiness of my eyelids.

I stayed here last March when I got a tour of CERN during a fantastic week that included aerobatics over Heidelberg. Thanks to cosmogirl for finding this place!

The staff is truly wonderful and helpful. I also posted some pictures of room 401 when I was here last time. This is one of the two symmetrical loft rooms. I splurged on the fancy room this time since I was going to spend all day hanging out. Here are some new pictures.

401 is all one big room with a slated ceiling. The bathroom is built right into the room and separated from the bed by some bamboo poles painted white.

The shower is in an open design bathroom with very cool tiles. Euro-shower.

Two of the quirky features that make this room special.

Hanging lucite chair. Yes indeedy.

The plant/art on this table (which holds a personal note, sparking water, and swiss chocolate) is extremely cool.

The weather was overcast when I arrived, but by the late afternoon it turned pretty. The Cathedral is well worth a visit, especially the archeological site underneath. Amazing that it all started with a burial place for a chieftain.

A view from the cathedral tower overlooks the famous Geneva water jet.

I will be back at this five showerhead hotel on Wednesday and Friday (in different rooms both nights). Staying here is a pleasure.

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