Kennedy School in Portland, OR (quirky, artsy, and fun)

November 18, 2011

Last time I visited the Kennedy School I was feeling generous and awarded a five showerhead rating. I suppose they can be grandfathered in? Then again the bathrooms do need some work.

On this cold and rainy November day, I was assigned room 101…aka “Jack’s Room.” I am pretty sure I have stayed in this room more than once in the past.

Welcome to Jack's Room (says the blackboard).

The very big bed.

Sadly, the bathrooms at the Kennedy School do, in fact, have plastic showers. Here is photographic evidence. These kinds of shower cubicles pervaded the planet in the ’80s.

The bathroom does need some lovin.

Plastic? Plastic.

I didn’t spend much time at the hotel this visit. Instead, I drove into Portland and spent a few hours at Powell’s Books buying a large (and heavy) pile of fiction/literature. Powell’s has to be the best bookstore on planet earth. Dinner at the Portland City Grill was sophisticated and very good. Their wine list is superb.

In the end, I think the bathrooms are enough of an issue to bring the Kennedy School rating to four showerheads. The hotel is a quirky, artsy, really fun counterculture of a place. You should definitely stay there if you can…just skip the shower.

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