Cowper Inn: At Home in Palo Alto

April 3, 2012

After the LA hotel debacle, it is nice to be back where I know what’s in store. I have been coming to the Cowper Inn for many many years. Whenever I am in Silicon Valley, chances are I am staying at the Cowper.

This time after a morning arrival and several hours touring Stanford, we checked in mid afternoon. Joji was here to greet us. We are staying in the Carriage House above one of the garages.

Something is always flowering at the Cowper. This time the tree.

The room is large and includes a kitchen settled under a very interesting ceiling. I still like room 28 the best, but this one is just right for this trip.

Kitchen. In which no food is likely to be consumed. We're using most of the outlets though to charge up all of our devices.

Skylights above the day bed.

And the bed too.

The shower situation is standard Cowper. No plastic at least.

The bathroom is hidden away under the eaves.

Early prototype glass shower from the '70s.

You already know the verdict: the Cowper is a five showerheads kind of place. Boy is it nice to be here after LA!

One Response to “Cowper Inn: At Home in Palo Alto”

  1. […] been staying here two or three times a year since the ’90s, and I just found a new room. My old favorite #28 […]

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