Palomar Chicago: A Real Gem

April 5, 2012

Stop three on the college tour extravaganza involves Chicago. We tried out the Palomar for the first time (I have stayed at other Chicago Kimpton properties but not the Palomar), and what a great idea that was! The Palomar Chicago is excellent. (General manager Nabil Moubayed apparently runs a very tight ship.)

We spent only about 15 minutes in room 1574 before heading out to Chopin Theater for The House’s showing of Death and Harry Houdini. Thanks to concierge Bobby Gonzales for getting us tickets to a show that has been sold out for months. Also thanks to Ashlee Benes for pre-stay banter on the net.

The suite was really very nice. Two large rooms with a connecting third rectangle that included the luxurious bathroom and a hallway.

Bedroom view. Comfy.

Sitting room with a hide-a-bed sofa.

In what has become classic kimpton style, a bottle of wine, some hand made soda, and a gorgeous cheese plate welcomed us to the room. The loot included a magical hat and a bunny rabbit to hook into the play we saw. We were able to enjoy it all in the blink of an eye before we disappeared.

Magic hat.

This is the most beautifully constructed cheese plate ever. Compliments to the chef.

The bathroom in 1574 is exceptional. Beautiful crisp design. The only fly in the ointment is a lack of killer water pressure. That is easy to overlook, however.

Bathroom through the mirror shot. You can see the huge (unused) tub.

Ah. Glass shower cube.

View from the shower.

Though our stay was abbreviated by getting up at 4:45 (again! before 5am), the Chicago Palomar is now high on my recommended list. I will be staying here again for sure.

The highest of high five showerheads and our appreciation.

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  1. Amy Says:

    So at least one good reason to go to northwestern!

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  3. […] Last time I was here, I was on a whirlwind college tour with my son. This time was business with more time to stretch out and enjoy this superb property. […]

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