Last Stop Hotel Marlowe, Boston

April 6, 2012

I really like the Marlowe. It is my go to hotel in Boston. Situated in Cambridge up by the Science Museum, the Marlowe was one of the first boutique hotels to grace the city (there are a bunch now).

Since Boston is the last of the five cities in the college tour extravaganza of 2012, the Marlowe is batting clean up this trip. We’re run ragged. Our 2am arrival didn’t really help much. Not enough sleep since last Sunday. And way too many airplanes. (Three airplanes in one day is too many.)

Our arrival was complicated by United who opted to send our bags before us to Boston—to a different terminal. United really does suck these days, post merger. Any computer could be programmed to make sure our bags arrive at the same terminal as our bodies, but not United’s computers. Yet another side effect of spending more on paint and videos featuring the Jeff Smisek than on computers that work! Get with the program United. And get a different video star who is less fake sincere. How much does Smisek get paid anyway?

On the flip side, we flew a newly configured 737-900. No chance of upgrade due to the flight being free (a perk, I will admit, but one dearly earned), however the new plane’s bulkhead in economy plus was spacious, has under first class seat stowage, and includes 2 power outlets per row. That is a welcome feature. The mandatory viewing of ads on the “press the bar, swipe the card, and pay like a hamster for your food” DirecTV machines in your face is just slightly less welcome (hah!). FWIW, also not welcome is the flight attendant who tried to tell everyone multiple times where to stow coats. Easy enough to ignore that nonsense. I bet I fly more miles a year than she does.

Anyway we arrived at the Marlowe well after our advance team landing party who checked in around 7pm. A nice bottle of wine (now open), a personal note, and a cheese plate (sadly, nowhere near as nice as the one at the Palomar in Chicago) were, um, scattered about. Thanks for that Justin!

Things are always messier with the family in tow.

Chaos ensues.

I always enjoy the (fairly new) executive suite room class at the Marlowe. This time we’re in 621. Getting a room like this on a Kimpton Intouch free night is a treat. Of course, we’re paying list for the other 2 nights! 621 is very similar in layout to 827, only two floors lower. (Higher is better in Boston just like in NY in case you were wondering.)

The bathroom is nicely appointed and the shower is great. Plenty of water pressure in the glass compartment with lots of room. We like this shower.

Shower equals good.

A big old bathtub of the sort we never get around to trying (been several years running now).

This tub cold be a mirage or a Potemkin village for all I know.

One really unfortunate development of late at the Marlowe. Keith, the amazing concierge who grew up in Boston has moved on to Seattle. Keith, we miss you! You are not replaceable. The concierge staff now is very eager and really helpful, but also lack a certain level of concierge kung fu. Comedy club like on TV? I dont think so. Jazz fusion? Prolly not. (Compare such a suggestion to going to see Blackbird and you will immediately discern the problem.)

Full moon over the Charles.

All that aside, we are having a nice stay in Boston. We’re off to the Blue Room for dinner, and then to drink for some drinks. Five shower heads for the Hotel Marlowe and a funeral dirge for his Keithness. Keith, if you’re listening, watch out for the moss on your roof in Seattle my friend.

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