Cowper Inn Re-re-re-revisited

May 22, 2012

I’ve been staying here two or three times a year since the ’90s, and I just found a new room. My old favorite #28 was unavailable, so Joji put me up in #31 this time.

I like the hardwood floors and the space. Maybe this is my new favorite?! So fickle.

The bedroom has excellent floors and a nice set of windows. They look better when they’re not covered.

There should be a plate on the wall in every room.

Colonial with a flat screen TV. I wish this TV problem were less pervasive on planet earth. My computer bag makes a rather ugly throw pillow.

Last night when I arrived, French class was well underway. Very nice.

And now to the large (for the Cowper) bathroom. Here is a classic noplasticshowers mirror shot taken through the wall mirror.

Plenty of room, even in the shower.

The shower itself needs a bit of TLC. A new showerhead would probably improve the water pressure situation, and would certainly elevate this shower up the shower food chain. The door needs a whack or two as well.

Shower cube.

Time to go get some breakfast (including epsresso!).

The Cowper retains is well-deserved “best place to stay in Palo Alto” rating of five showerheads.

And here is the Golden Gate bridge.

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