Seaview Resort in Galloway, NJ Survives Sandy

November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy was a big storm, but we’re here anyway on the New Jersey shore for a conference less than a week later. The area around Galloway, NJ looks great. No evidence of damage at all. And there were no lines for gas down here either. Rumors of the zombie apocalypse are apparently greatly exaggerated.

The Seaview is a gallant old hotel that reminds me of the Overlook Hotel as shown in the movie version of Stephen King’s book The Shining. It’s big. It’s rambling. It’s been here for a very long time.

Room 495 abuts the Pine View Suite which we set up to entertain in. The room is very generic feeling with a slightly worn style.

Comfortable bed in standard 4 poster old hotel style. Green carpet?!

Flowery curtains cover a very cold non-insulated sliding door.

The bathroom is just plain odd. Thin doors that close themselves with a somewhat disturbing automatic mechanism. Two rooms separated by another thin door?! Multiple showers both of which are old school.

Shower one: bathtub shower without any plastic.

Shower two: Glass door from the 70s like the one at your parents’ house.

Style? Frame blend.

The pine view suite is named by people practicing wishful thinking. The suite itself is stylish and nicely appointed in a pottery barn kinda way.

Pink. Hmm. And green floors. Hmm. The ’80s called and wants their style back.

Ralph Loren was here (before the really big logos took over).

Plenty of room for dancing (if there were a music playback device that you could plug an ipod into).

Nice enough. So why the wishful thinking? Contrast this view with the one from the Skamania Lodge.

Maybe the parking lot is named “pine”?

So all in all, a reasonable place for a meeting (feels kinda cavernous). Rooms and other common areas add up to a very high three showerheads (or a very low four showerheads).

FWIW, bringing along the doctor’s bag was a good idea.

A picture by Janne. Gorgeous.

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