Zetter Hotel London

November 12, 2012

I may have finally found a noplasticshowers-worthy hotel in London (there must be zillions of them, but I keep not finding them somehow). The Zetter Hotel is located slightly off the beaten path in Clerkenwell.

A very early check in was available for me at 9am after I made my way from Heathrow (via the express train to Paddington of course). The short taxi ride from Paddington in typically awful London traffic was a standard London “welcome” to pair with the dreary gray day. After all that, it’s really nice to relax and have a hot shower.

I am in room 501, one of the rooftop terrace rooms. It is microscopic but very chic.

The room is up a short set of steps from the door. The terrace overlooks (dreary) London.

Orange. Yes, orange.

At least the TV shrine has hip seating.

Now on to the shower situation. Which is…interesting.

A small but stylish bathroom. No plastic in sight.

A very interesting shower head built into the ceiling with a light.

The shower head is so interesting that I thought I would go for a noplasticshowers first. Video.

Other interesting features of 501 include the terrace.

The famed rooftop terrace.

Though the view is not exactly awe inspiring like the one at 70Park.


Then again, it looks great in the morning.

London in the morning.

And in late breaking news, when I returned to the room after a long day of meetings I was greeted with a personal note and some chocolates:

From the department of better late than never, a welcome note and some chocolates.

The Zetter is a five showerheads place.

On the mixology front, the Zetter has an associated property around the back called the Zetter Townhouse which has an absolutely world class bar. The scene is relaxed and very eclectic with a superb and subtle staff. After an appropriate period of authentication, I connected with barman Nicola Piazza. We talked Amer Picon, absinthe, and calvados. I tried one of Nicola’s experimental beverages (among other drinks).

The Zetter Townhouse is excuse enough alone to stay at the Zetter.

I returned Tuesday night and spent some time working with Kamil Foltan (head bartender) who was even more knowledgeable and just as fun. We talked bourbon and rye. He mentioned 69 Collebroke Row and Birds & Tail as very good bars to try in the future. Also a sushi place called Tetsu Sushi (Jerusalem Lane). One of the drinks we played with is called
Ward 8
1 oz Bourbon (or Rye as the case may be we used Rittenhouse 100)
.5 Lemon
.5 Orange
.5 Grenadine (dry)
2 dashes Angustora
2 dashes Amargo Chuncho

(Unrelated data on NY bars: Dead Rabbit and Mulberry Project.)

This afternoon, I spent 3 hours at the Tate Modern. Mind boggling. I am now officially in a weird mood.

We’ll leave you with this.

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