United Perk that We Like

January 31, 2013

This month I set up a bunch of travel for my family. Some of it has already happend. One trip at the last minute to Colorado. A trip to NY for my upcoming birthday with friends. Spring Break with the entire clan in Europe. And you know what, setting things up was easy. And using miles to get the tickets was complicated, but the 100K desk made it a breeze.


Probably the coolest perk that helped with all of this is what happens when you fly 1,000,000 miles on United (I have flown ~1.5M so far). As a 1M mile flyer you are allowed to confer your status to a companion who can then use it for travel even if you are not flying with them. So my companion got to travel as a 100K to Colorado even though I had to stay home and feed the horses. That’s cool. Well, except for the feeding the horses part.

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