Oh Kimpton Where Art Thou: Palomar Washington DC

February 24, 2013

Steeerike. Straight over the plate, and the Kimpton batter didn’t even notice.

A very last minute trip to DC to do the way early Sunday morning talk show thing (on the MSNBC show Up with Chris Hayes), meant a night in DC. Refactored Saturday completely. Too quickly I guess. (BTW, here is a link to the show segment.)

Room 438 is not at all like room 835. In fact, its not quite up to Kimpton standards in my book.

Bed room.  Bed only.

Bed room. Bed only.

Room layout is the main problem. 438 is a suite made of two long rectangles. The room with the bed fits only the bed. Good thing the TV is flat! The suites two rooms are separated by doors so thin they rattle and clonk in a hollow way and don’t close properly. And there is this massive blank section of the room in the corner. Design feature? Mistake?

What belongs here other than nothing?

What belongs here other than nothing?

But the sad thing is, a plastic shower.

Tiny bathroom with plastic shower.

Tiny bathroom with plastic shower.

CIMG2682 CIMG2681

No welcome note either.

I guess it is better to plan ahead! We’ll find out next week in San Francisco, won’t we. Three showerheads for this trip to the Palomar DC. Next time I hope somebody is paying more attention.

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  1. Just got a nice apologetic email from Hotel Manager Stephane Vogel who read the entry above and has a plan to fix things. One of the great things about the Kimpton chain is that they actually respond well to both criticism and praise. That is a good thing.

    United airlines is another story entirely!

  2. […] can be a bit chunky at the Palomar DC—sometimes hot, sometimes not—just like the political situation in this city. After my last whirlwind stay here, Hotel […]

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