Everybody Loves Bacon

February 15, 2013

After happening across the bacon bourbon idea in Ann Arbor recently, noplasticshowers was eager to experiment at home.

Bacon bourbon is made as follows:
Cook 2 strips of thick cut bacon until ultra-crispy, then let it cool and dry. Add the bacon to a fifth of decent bourbon in large pieces. Bowman brothers small batch is a good selection for the bourbon. Steep for two or three hours or a round of Oysters Rockefeller, freeze overnight, strain out bacon and remove fat.

We will pretend that the first drink attempt did not happen. The second attempt, however, hit the mark.

Everybody Loves Bacon

Everybody Loves Bacon

Everybody Loves Bacon (ELB)
.75 oz bacon bourbon
.75 oz Dolin’s sweet vermouth
.25+ oz Maple liqueur
4 drops maple bitters
dash amargo chuncho bitters

Shake. Strain. Garnish with lemon peel twist.

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