Secret “Spirit” in Regensburg

September 5, 2013

My friend Spoolia stayed in the “Spirit” room above Cafe Rinaldo while she was in Regensburg. The room is actually a two bedroom apartment with a cute little balcony upstairs. The spirit room is not really advertised anywhere, but it is owned by the same (Italian) guys who own the elements hotel.

Spirit room balcony.

Spirit room balcony.

The stairs.

Stairs to the balcony.

Stairs to the balcony.

View from the stairs.

Spirit bedroom.

Spirit bedroom.



Extra bedroom.


Sadly, the spirit room for all of its superior points has a euro shower over a bathtub. Prepare to soak the floor!

Uh oh.  Plastic shower.

Uh oh. Plastic shower.



Regensburg dom.

Regensburg's gothic cathedral.

Regensburg’s gothic cathedral.

It was super great of the element’s guys to let us invade the spirit room with no reservation. They’re excellent.

2 Responses to “Secret “Spirit” in Regensburg”

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  2. Diana Abend Says:

    I have been to Regensburg many times as one of my relative is living there. It is really a nice, charming city. Just have a look at the video below which I have created about best festivals in Regensburg.

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