Hotel Elements in Regensburg Germany Rocks

September 3, 2013

It takes some doing to get to Regensburg. A day that included a hike by the Shenandoah on our trail and a short dip in the river, also included twelve hours of flying and two trains from Munich. But once you get here, it feels worth all the rigmarole.

Zooming from Munich.

Zooming from Munich.

The elements hotel is tucked away in the Old Corn Market square just next to the gothic cathedral that serves as Regensburg’s centerpiece. Each of the four (count ’em, four) rooms is named after one of the (greek) elements. I am staying in earth.

Earth, replete with antlers.

Earth, replete with antlers.

Earth chair

Earth chair

Earth has an anteroom that may or may not come in handy depending on whether the couch needs to be occupied.

Earth anteroom (cozy and dark).

Earth anteroom (cozy and dark).

The bathroom in earth includes an LED light that you can program with a remote control. When I arrived, it was set in blue mode. The bathroom design is very interesting and tasteful, with a curved door that carves the shower space out of what would otherwise be a small rectangle. Great design.

Bamboo sets off the bathroom pod.

Bamboo sets off the bathroom pod.

The shower is non-plastic (bonus) but does not have enough water pressure for my tastes. That may be the only fly in the elements ointment.

A non-plastic shower bathed in blue (or green, or red).

A non-plastic shower bathed in blue (or green, or red).

Downstairs at Cafe Rinaldi (where Italian is spoken), breakfast is buzzing. Don’t plan to watch your diet in Germany. A big breakfast is par for the course and served with superior espresso.

Five showerheads for the Elements Hotel (and the associated spirit room next door).

In other Regensburg news, the Historisches-Eck Restaurant is a nice upscale white tablecloth place with a young up and coming chef. The chef stopped by after our delicious meal to chat. This is a good special occasion restaurant.

On the other hand Scholz Restaurant is much less fancy and not in the same league. Food is good and the bartender is willing to play (we had them try a Corpse Reviver #2).

For cocktails, it appears that Hemingway Bar is the only game in town. I had them make a bastarized Liberal (no Amer Picon).
El Bastardo Liberal
4 cl Bourbon (sadly, Jim Beam or Jack Daniels)
4 cl Martini Rosso
1 cl Ramazzotti
Shake. Strain and serve up. Garnish with a Johannisbeeren cluster (red currants).

The Blue Monkey Room near the Dom is a great place for cocktails. Though their menu is standard issue (and heavy on vodka and sweet junk), they have a nice selection of things to make real drinks from. Barman benno litzke played along, making a Bastardo Liberal, a Corpse Reviver #2 and a Nevada before the night was through.

4 Responses to “Hotel Elements in Regensburg Germany Rocks”

  1. apothecaryshedster Says:

    Perhaps “water” has lots of water, and “fire” none..

  2. […] My friend Spoolia stayed in the “Spirit” room above Cafe Rinaldo while she was in Regensburg. The room is actually a two bedroom apartment with a cute little balcony upstairs. The spirit room is not really advertised anywhere, but it is owned by the same (Italian) guys who own the elements hotel. […]

  3. […] a recent trip to Regensburg, Germany (two weeks before the national elections there), I watched the townspeople reject the neo-Nazi NDP […]

  4. I have been to Regensburg city just once and it was really great experience. In my trip, I stayed in Sorat Insel Hotel which was located in the middle of Danube River. It was a small two days trip so I could not enjoyed a lot in Regensburg. Very soon i will plan a long trip to major tourist cities in Bavaria in upcoming winter. I will try to stay in Hotel Element when I would be in Regensburg. Your article is really much impressive and I hope, I would also get the excellent service and hospitality there.

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