United Touts “Friendly Skies” Again for $30M

September 21, 2013

Here we go. United has opted to spend $30M on advertising to tell us that they are once again “friendly.” Read all about it in the NY Times story here:


The best return for United’s $30M in my view would be as a severance package for Jeff Smisek. Bye bye sucky CEO. Second best? Spend $30M getting operations fixed so that flights actually depart on time (or in some cases actually depart at all). And while you’re at it, why not ditch some of those planes that you bought way back when the original “friendly skies” debuted in the mid-1960s?!

United goes back to the future.

United goes back to the future.

Here’s the first spam! Nice spend!! Know why these customer actors are happy? Because they were upgraded! Yay! Must have way more than my 1.5 MILLION miles.

United Spam #1: Friendly!

United Spam : Friendly!

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