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October 25, 2013

First things first, I absolutely love Volt (though I can’t afford to go there very often), so I have been itching to get to Range in DC to try out the new Bryan Voltaggio property and see what the great buzz is all about. Surprisingly, my verdict is: not so much.

Lets impose a roll call vote to get to the bottom of this:

Range has a beautiful clean layout (yea)
The blinking LED art in the hall somehow works (yea)
The wine program is supremely good with real sommeliers (yea)
Two dishes (of 7) were simply amazing (yea, real voltaggio)
Skip, the waiter, rocks (yea)
Great bread, especially the corn muffins (yea)
Management got a clue and interposed (yea)

NAY 12
Range is in a mall (nay)
The mall has Cheesecake Factory (nay)
The mall has H&M stores (nay)
Range feels like Las Vegas (nay)
Range has TVs behind the bar (nay)
Five dishes (of 7) were workaday (nay)
Wine glass was completely empty…three times (nay)
Not the best bread in DC, that goes to my fiend Larry (nay)
Management had to get a clue and interpose (nay)
Our waitress (not skip) was a newb out of her depth (nay)
No hot chocolate?! Can’t make it?! Really?? (nay)
Range is in a mall (nay)

The Nays have it.

What this all means in my little world is that I will stick to Volt. Malls give me hives, and Las Vegas is my personal idea of Hell.

Be forewarned.

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