Why United is Just Awful

October 5, 2014

Only since the ill-fated merger have I flown economy class to/from Europe because of no upgrade. That is just awful. You would think that after 1,578,471 miles (which I paid for) United would have some loyalty to me. But they don’t.

Ten years of 100K status drops fast. Be forewarned United flyers. Your airline does not care about you at all.

This last trip to London/Helsinki was no exception. Business class on the way there (which we paid to upgrade at purchase) but no upgrade from economy on the way back. 8.5 hours in an awful seat with terrible food.

First world problem, I know. But frankly I expect more from an airline that used to earn my business.

United has gone to the dogs.

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  1. Why don’t I just switch airlines? Well because I fly out of IAD and I am pretty much stuck with United. I started flying ANY airline in January of this year, but frankly the monopoly hold that United has on Dulles makes it nearly impossible to avoid them.

    See what happens when airlines get too big? Their service sucks and they do not feel pressure from the market to improve.

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