The Solid Ironworks Hotel in Beloit, Wisconsin

August 19, 2016

NPS will be spending an inordinate amount of time in Beloit, Wisconsin in years to come. Fortunately, Beloit is a cute little town with a great hotel. The Ironworks is in a reclaimed building just a hop skip and a jump from Beloit College.

Stylish lobby

Stylish lobby

We arrived separately and stayed in a sizable executive suite. There are six such suites per floor. Request an upper floor facing the river. Room 201 is not one of those and it was too noisy due to the nearby main artery road.

Frontier design sensibility

Frontier design sensibility

Bet this will come in handy come winter

Bet this will come in handy come winter

The mostly rectangular suite is divided by a fireplace that opens both ways.


The spacious bathroom has a great set of showers and plenty of room.




The restaurant is a steakhouse (of course) with an emphasis on the potato. Your mileage will definitely vary with the wine list which must be policed and corrected one of these years. Solid, but nothing to write home about.

Sunset on the restaurant patio

Sunset on the restaurant patio

For breakfast, make sure to hit Bushel and Peck’s which has a quirky vegan vibe (though they do have bacon for the record).

And don’t forget that Madison with all of its University town goodness is only an hour north.

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin

Four showerheads for the ironworks hotel. Real potential to become a home away from home.

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