Under Construction at Le Méridien in Stuttgart Germany

April 24, 2017

So what happens when Daimler has a technology conference in their home town? All of the good hotels are booked months in advance. Which means NPS ends up at the just a bit too big to be good Le Méridien Stuttgart (part of the design hotel group and most definitely a chain).

The staff is ultra-professional. But the hotel has the same “incredible style” as a Sheraton. Glag. Spend all of your money on an impressive lobby and leave guests in the cages after the elevator ride! Double glag.

We are assigned room, or rather rectangle, or maybe just cage, 539. They must be all the same.

Crane hovers over the pit that is Stuttgart

Be forewarned that Stuttgart is currently under construction. Judging by the size of the hole, this may be a few decades. That means getting from the train station to the hotel (which should be a quick walk) is instead an obstacle course negotiated only by drafting packs of feral students.

This is the scene right in front of the door to the hotel (the grand entrance so to speak).

Guess which hamster cage? Nope!

BED room with no room for anything but bed.


Our massive multiple property search for a shower cube that was less than $2K per night was unsuccessful. Euro-shower is not so bad if you can ignore the bouncy plastic tub thing. NPS does not approve.

A very helpful concierge aimed us at a great sounding restaurant called Murrhardter Hof, but sadly they were closed on Monday. The good news was that the 10 minute walk down to the Carls Brauhaus for some Maultaschen and potato salad was beautiful. Delicious with a beer.

It is beautiful in Stuttgart today. Very early Spring (which is a far cry from Virginia!).

Eat at Cube above the art museum. The view is great and the food is good too.

Any by all means, go visit the Staatsgalerie which is an incredibly great museum. NPS stashed bits here.

One of many pieces at the fantastic Staatsgalerie

Three shower heads and a set of identical rectangular hamster cages for Le Méridien.

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