21C Museum Hotel Cincinnati is Just as Weird and Quirky as we Like

August 29, 2017

To Cincinnati we go on business! Doom and despair not, 21C Museum Hotel to the rescue. Checkin was prompt and only the smallest bit deceiving. I think we were distracted by the very attractive front desk person. 309 was the original target and the low floor was mentioned, but not the AwDA layout. Hmm. Sneaky.

That’s OK. After lunch at Nada. across the street and a stop for "the best ice cream in the world" (according to Drew anyway), we were switched to 809. Some management shenanigans were required. And here we are.

The design speaks for itself.

809 sitting room

809 Yellow Penguin?!

More sitting

The duck presides over a shower with a tub in it. Kinda like Kimpton only smaller.


Bed. Hopefully comfy.

Yes, yellow penguin!

So we are super happy about this Museum Hotel thing. Now we better get to the museum! Really the only issue other than the switcherooby dealio is the two day minimum stay requirement. We’re staying one night. More about how that all works out later.

Four showerheads (so far) for 21C Museum Hotel.

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