Spring in Lynchburg: The Craddock Terry Hotel

March 29, 2018

Spring by the James river

In the 30 or so years since NPS has been to Lynchburg, time mostly stood still. The town feels historical and has paid attention to proper rejuvenation preserving its architecture.

The Craddock Terry Hotel was created in an old shoe factory. They did a good job. Definitely request room 101, a suite with its own balcony.

The balcony is a great place for a muffin

The room itself is nicely appointed, with a style reflecting the ’80s. The carpet needs to be replaced, but the rest of the design elements can stay. Because of the factory building infrastructure, the ceiling is outstanding.

Sitting room (that carpet not so much)

Sitting room, brick and beams

Desk nook by a rubble wall

Bedroom. The ceiling and the walls are great


And the bathroom fits the bill as well.

Nice large glass cube of a shower


All told, we’re super glad that the Craddock Terry is here. If we ever find ourselves back in Lynchburg (say in 30 years), we will be back.

In other Lynchburg news, Main Street Eatery is old school and very civilized. Our server was overwhelmed by a huge table (since he was a newb), but the food was delicious. Expect prefunctory, not very gracious hospitality.

The White Hart Cafe is a great place to grab a coffee and a piece of poppyseed cake.

As for mixology in Lynchburg. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Four showerheads and a knowing nod to the Craddock Terry.

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