1,000,000 Barrels

January 23, 2013

1,000,000 Barrels
49 warehouses
30 year old barrels
multiple floors
American white oak
blending exercises
stays and chars
rye backset bourbon
the beauty of how natural aging takes place

Heaven Hill Distillery chats about aging bourbon. In our experience, a good bourbon discovery can make a trip great (and may sometimes even make up for a bit of plastic in your shower).

Kentucky is not only home to bluegrass and horses, it is also the birthplace of most of the bourbon on earth. The Bourbon Trail winds through a number of towns hosting various and sundry distilleries. On a recent trip out this way to give a talk at NKU, I took a side trip to Buffalo Trace where we took a hard hat tour and wondered whether we were seeing a batch of Pappy Van Winkle being brewed up.

Buffalo Trace distillery.

Though the tour was really cool, you can’t buy any of the bourbons from the Antique Collection or the Pappy line at the distillery. That sucks!

Perhaps this is a batch of Pappy van Winkle being born. Corn mash and yeast. 90,000 gallons.

There are entire buildings full of bourbon on the 130+ acre property. One of these years we need to buy a cask.

My trip just so happened to coincide with the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. We schlepped over to Bardstown and went to the one and only mixology event. The event was hosted by the authors of the Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail book. It was great fun, but the mixology was fairly basic and unsophisticated. No drinks of note were sampled.

Thanks to my friend Marco for hosting me in a tit for tat move. His hospitality was fantastic (he came with me during the bourbon run), and his guest shower involved no plastic.