I have been ignoring the upsell crap on United check in machines for years. But this year I may actually need to plus up to hit 100K miles (I know, that should be a good thing. And what the heck good is United status anyway?). In my haste to let the long line behind me at Dulles keep moving I must have misread the fine print on the upsell machine. (Did I mention that the line was long?!)

What I thought were Premier Miles that counted toward status turned out to be mere mileage balance miles that I apparently just paid $0.026 per mile for. Fuck that. I don’t need that kind of miles.

I tweeted United. Here’s what the new improved “friendly” United has to say.

United does the twitter BADLY.

United does the twitter BADLY.

I’m not done. Expect to hear more from me and quite possibly the FTC before we’re done here. Hey Jeff Smisek, more bad management. And more mistreatment of the people who provide your revenue stream. It is amazing that United airlines is still in business. I feel completely violated and ripped off.

And while we’re at it, United just did this on my flight to Europe: There was bad weather. There was a delay. I understand that. But after postponing departure from 5:45pm to 11:30pm, United required me to be at the gate at regular departure time. So I got to spend 6 hours at Dulles airport. Sorry, Dulles is just not that interesting.

Who the heck is in charge of United airlines?