Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, NC

September 8, 2010

I stayed at the ritz in Charlotte as recently as this May; and I am happy to report it is the same. There are still TVs in the bathroom mirror. The showers are exceptional. The staff is friendly and nice. All is well.

Here’s a picture of the showerhead just for fun.  Pictures of the bathroom palace itself can be seen in previous entries.

During this trip the strap on my bodacious bosca bag broke, and when the front desk people noticed at check-in they volunteered to have engineering see what they could do. They fixed it! Stellar.

United denied me an upgrade again on the flight down. Maybe I should not travel around the Labor day holiday? Hopefully this trend is nothing more serious than that?!

No need for new pictures or a new score (four showerheads). If this hotel were not a gigantic chain, I would rate em higher.

Charlotte tip of the day: Cutters is a great cigar bar in town.

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