Palomar, San Francisco

September 4, 2010

Day 3 of the California run ended at Bourbon and Branch a beautiful mixology den which is just slightly too pretentious for its own good. Granted, excellent mixology is rare, but some of us do get around the planet. We may even possess a better bar at our very own house in an undisclosed state. The bartenders at Bourbon and Branch may not be the gods’ gift to America like they think they are; they are really good at what they do, however. Try the “Black Rose.”

Anyway, if you’re going to end up at Bourbon and Branch drinking into the wee hours of the morning, you better not drive back down to Palo Alto! I stayed at the previously blogged Hotel Palomar again.

At check in, I requested to be in the same room as last time (814 I believe). Though that particular room was not available, room 714 just a floor below was basically the same room layout. You just know that any room that overlooks the San Francisco Apple Store has to have something going for it.

Here are a couple of pictures of the exceptionally great glass shower thingy. Still no time to try out the hot tub. In fact, I think I spent all of 4 hours in the room. Less carousing is probably in order. But the shower woke me up in time to drive down to SFO and fly out at 7am.

Speaking of which, my flight home was the worst flight all year. I got to sit in seat 20E in economy plus on a 777 configured for Ted (the back end of an airline that couldn’t). No First Class? Middle seat in the 5 row? WTF? Ironically, I may have crossed the 1,000,000 mile threshold on the worst flight in 2010. It was pretty shocking to be treated to the cattle class view of flying again. The flight attendants were just plain ornery. Try getting their attention from the middle of the 5 person row! Blah.

Regardless of the return trip, all in all things were very nice. Thanks to excellent service and fine attention to detail, the Palomar in San Francisco retains its five showerhead rating.

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