70Park in NY up to Par

May 25, 2011

Must be the location. As described in the previous entry, Cupertino has no flair. Regardless of Apple’s great design capabilities, NY is just a way cooler place to visit. When business drags me up to New York City (especially when I am due at 270 Park Ave), I like a good location in the middle of the action. 70 Park Avenue fits the bill.

Though my room was smaller, and the HVAC system appears to be the same one as the one in the Cypress, there is something about the style of 70Park that is just appealing. Artsy, edgy, well lit, and sprinkled with noise form the street. Quintessential New York.

I arrived very late from a dinner with friends in New Haven on the Metro North train into Grand Central. A quick walk in the sultry summer air put me at the hotel after midnight. Checkin was great. And I was greeted in my room with a much needed cheese plate, a personal note, and a bottle of wine. You go 70Park!

As previously described, 70Park is not big, and all of the rooms that I have stayed in have shower curtains instead of glass cubicles. But they retain their favored place to stay in NY rating and their five showerheads. I will be back.

Here is the small but very stylish bathroom. Filled with mirrors (like the whole property) and thus seeming way bigger than it actually is. The shower? Meh.

It turns out that my trip to NY was mostly a bust other than seeing my friends in Connecticut. My meeting never happened due to some kind of crisis with the people I was supposed to meet. So I shlepped over to the Guggenheim to see the “Great Upheaval” exhibit. Ah Kandinsky. The exhibit was superbly constructed and a great snack at the Wright Cafe topped off the day perfectly.

On the mixology front, there is decidedly mixed news. The hotel book thing found in hotels everywhere now features a section on mixology. Uh oh. We are getting outted. Even the guggenheim cafe serves a Negroni off the menu! What are we elitists to do?!

1 oz gin
1 oz sweet vermouth
1 oz Campari bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass 3/4 filled with cracked ice. Add a splash of soda water if desired. Garnish with a half slice of orange.

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