La La Land Revisited (Georgian Hotel, Santa Monica)

June 16, 2011

The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica is a classic place. Touches like the ancient elevator gear and the HUGE 1933 peepholes make me happy. Plus the space is meticulously cared for with a sense of style straight from the ’30s. I remember listening to my Italian friend singing along with the music on the porch (in Italian) to a love song from his first marriage. Very touching and romantic.

Ancient elevator controls make me happy.

This '30s peephole is 3 inches in diameter. Both sides get to see.

Room 503 is a very nice ocean front suite. Plenty of windows but just a bit too close to the Santa Monica traffic.

The bed room is connected to the sitting room through double French doors.

Sitting room with a view.

The bathroom is all black and white tile and mirrors with plenty of space and a nice design. No glass cubicles in the ’30s though.

Five showerheads for the Groegian. Excellence.

My favorite part of today was dinner with some good friends just north of Topanga Canyon. Babies and puppies, who could ask for more? My second favorite part was ditching the conference lunch for a quick run to the Getty for a bacon cheeseburger and look at the Irises.

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