Plastic showers on the way to the beach: Wilmington, NC Hilton

July 7, 2011

A belated entry about our trip down to the beach. Just like last year we are slumming it. There just aren’t any boutiques on the i-95 beach bound corridor yet I guess. This year we hoofed it all the way to Wilmington, NC, a quaint little town that has really improved over the last decade. Make sure to stop by the Dixie Grill for breakfast!

If the way down was any indication, we were in for some plastic showers indeed! A last minute car switch up led to a tire explosion on I-95 and a trip to the tire store during vacation.

Blowout on I-95 means spare tires on the mosquito.

Anyway, we made it to Wilmington 90 minutes later than planned for a late slice of pizza. Our executive suite looks like this. Perhaps they meant smurf executives.

Youch. Those purple lights may look cool on the outside of the building, but just try stopping them from leaking in your room.

Bed. 2 of these. Good thing we were wiped out.

And the all important bathroom. Sadly, plastic showers, but better than last year by a long shot!

Hilton bathroom design #42.

You guessed it...plastic and even a bendy shower rod. No instructions though.

At hilton, they want to make sure you don’t take their hangers home.

Right, so way close to the beach house = great deal! Breakfast at the Dixie Grill? Also great deal. Wilmington time? Not so bad. Hilton? Three showerheads. Sneak your puppy in through the side entrance as necessary.

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