The Creature from the Inn at Laguna (Laguna Beach, CA)

June 15, 2011

I’ve been here before, but this time I plussed it up and spent way too much to see how well the Inn at Laguna can perform. Admirably well, but well enough? Hmm. The Inn at Laguna wants to be all shishi and upscale but somehow falls spectacularly short. The makings are all here—the pacific ocean, palm trees, sun, sand, babes in bikinis, and yet the property (though not shabby) lacks a certain something. Maybe it’s the plastic showers?!

My meetings are really not this far south from LAX, but who’s asking? Laguna is a quirky, quasi-artsy town with just a few too many wannabe hippies and skate rats hanging out with the tourists. If you twiddled the California dial between the LA and San Diego settings, you would likely dial in Laguna. Plenty of touristy shopping and a very good local bookstore that is sadly closing in August 2011. I think Laguna is heading in the wrong direction…like Britney Spears or politics in the United States.

Room 514 is a special room, probably the best one on the property. However, it is severely overpriced and slightly under decorated. Plus the fees (resort, popcorn, parking). Just give the the price straight please…do not nickel and dime me to smithereens.

The Inn at Laguna remains pegged at four shower heads, not because of their showers, but rather due to their environs. I’m hoping to find somewhere even cooler to stay down here. Here is why to stay in Laguna in the first place. Introducing…drumroll…the Pacific Ocean.

For dinner, I went a mile south to French 75 which is not awful but is basically overpriced and avoidable. Upon arrival, I ordered a French 75 (the drink from 1915) and had to let the bartender and wait staff know how it is made. It is never a good sign when the namesake drink is unknown. There were a couple of guitarists playing hits from the early ’90s. Youch. Food? Acceptable. Not going back.

For you budding mixologists, the French 75 Cocktail has many different variations. This is not at all surprising considering that the drink has been around in one form or another since 1915. Here’s the one I like.

French 75
1 oz. gin (Hendricks is what I call for)
.5 oz lemon juice
teaspoon of simple syrup
mix in the bottom of a champagne flute, add champagne to fill and garnish with a twist of lemon and a cherry.

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  1. avs Says:

    I got introduced to French 75 last month on a South German patio. That one used a non-Champagne sparkling wine and sugar. My colleague said that this one is a great party bootstrapper, and I agree. It got me to a Biergarten I would’ve been too tired for otherwise.

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