Cowper Inn, Palo Alto, CA: A Great Start to 2012

January 11, 2012

I seem to have made a tradition out of coming to Silicon Valley for the first trip of the year. Exactly one year ago I was here to kick of 2011. It’s nice to be at the Cowper Inn again.

This time I was in my favorite room #28. Pictures here. Not much has changed in the room, though I think maybe the TV is upgraded? I don’t tend to turn those on.

One superb development is that Joji has acquired a top secret espresso machine. That makes my Copwer breakfast complete. It is always fun to meet the interesting people who stay at the Cowper over breakfast. Thanks for that Joji!

A (dark) picture of room 28 from the outside. Beautiful bay window.

Sad news on the mixology front in Palo Alto. Tamarine’s short foray into mixology (via the sazarac) has ended. Gary is no longer on the premises and the bar is back to generic, uninteresting drinks. Alas. The food is still outstanding though, and the wine list is good.

The Cowper is my five showerhead home away from home in Silicon Valley.

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