United Express Random Number Generation

February 9, 2012

Do you think of United Express as one entity? Well it’s not. There are many carriers who make up United Express…sub-contractors if you will, and they are as different as night and day.

Some recent examples from my own experience are in order.

The good: On a recent trip from Manchester, NH I flew on a United Express flight operated by Trans States Airlines. Though the equipment that Trans States flew on that route was small and creaky, the service was unbelievable. Yannis Gianareas was the sole flight attendant, and he was superb. He took particular care with my (valuable) violin and when the aircraft had no tea, he offered me some of his own stash from his suitcase. Beyond polite, his service was impeccable.

The bad: On a United Express trip to Indy operated by Mesa, I experienced just the opposite. An old Embrear jet with not enough room for suitcases (everyone had to gate check) with no potable water and a piercing sound on take off and landing that was unbearable and required passengers to put their fingers in their ears. Awful flight attendants too.

The good: My most recent United Express trip back from Indy operated by Chatauqua/Republic/Shuttle America was superb. Great crew (wendy especially) and a brand new spacious Embrear 170. This is what regional air travel should be.

So, United (and Jeff Smisek)…how about favoring your United Express partners that are great and getting those that are not out of the system (mesa needs to go away)? I’m all for rewarding excellent service and equipment.

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