RSA Week at the Palomar San Francisco

March 1, 2012

Regular readers of noplasticshowers know how I feel about the Palomar in San Francisco (hint: five showerheads). This is where I like to stay when I am in the city…for a whole host of reasons.

I’m in 814 for a week this time—my favorite room style so far at this property. I had an amusing email thread with Rachel Jang before showing up. She thought I was joking about making music. Nope! In fact, I brought my violin with me to sit in with Alexa Weber Morales for a couple of songs during her Wednesday gig this week.

When I checked in, Rachel’s note was addressed “Artist.” Cute.

Wine, note, munchies, and even an unsolvable Caesar Cipher.

I dropped some copies of blue21a and luminous for Rachel and Emilie as a bribe for future outstanding service.

luminous by Where's Aubrey

There are plenty of pictures of the very nice bathroom design in previous entries, but here are a couple of new pictures for good measure. Still no bathtub use! Yeesh. Also the shower door needs to be replaced.

Of course, world class mixology and fine dining is standard issue in San Francisco. This trip included drinks at the alembic (the 2nd best bar in the world), and bourbon and branch (a classic, but pretentious). Superior food was sampled at perbacco (a bit noisy), firefly (homey and natural), bix (all business and more like NY than SF), and saha (quirky and outstanding). Visits to cafe claude and cafe de la presse rounded out the visit. There was even a stretch limo involved.

Bourbon and Branch fails to listen again. They really need to learn to learn. Drink is ever so much more incredibly fun on that front.

Blue Moon
2 oz gin
1/2 oz Crème de Violette
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
Shake in an ice cocktail shaker, strain into a cocktail glass, and garnish with lemon twist

RSA week is always nuts, but you can’t beat the networking. The Palomar is a great base of operations.

On the airlines front, my United flight on yet another cross country airbus 319 was late and overcrowded. One more no upgrade trip. Way to go United (not)!

3 Responses to “RSA Week at the Palomar San Francisco”

  1. showertaker Says:

    Make that two more non-upgrade trips.

    I was #8 on the upgrade list for the TED-configured 777 when we took off. Stuck in economy again…nice. I always said that TED was the “ass end of an airline.” I was happy to see TED go away. But it apparently lives on on crappy airplane configurations.

    United is really sucking so far in 2012. The Continental merger is complete, meaning we have attained a suckage equilibrium. Hey Jeff Smisek, I’m pretty fed up with United’s new standard of suckiness. I really don’t like eating processed food from a box.

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