Back to the arthotel in Heidelberg

March 20, 2012

It has been a year and a week since I was here last, and I am back at the arthotel in Heidelberg. I was greeted by name at the door and my room was ready for an early arrival. I am in room 325 again.

The huge tile bathroom is superb. It has both a tub and a glass shower with a gigantic frosted door.

The shower is worth travelling to Heidelberg for.

Superb controls and a soaker head. The only bug in this shower is the container of "shampoo" which according to Ken van Wyk may be filled with Nair (hair remover).

The flight over the pond was uneventful. I was in a business class pod on a 767. United did a solid job. I ordered an expedited meal (cheese plate only) and tried to get to sleep early. Six hours pretending to sleep and four actual hours of sleep seems to be maximal for across the pond travel East. Yawn.

A new friend (Micele) picked me up at the airport and we zoomed to Heidelberg where I attempted to stay up until 11pm. That was interesting. Ate some sausage and sour kraut for lunch, did a major walk, had a few cocktails (nothing of note), had some more German food, and so on. Still a restless night.

Heidelberg is gorgeous this week. Spring is just starting.

View from a bridge.

The arthotel Internet service is worth a remark. You have to get a piece of paper with login credentials for each device (I have three) that is good for only one day. Six pieces of paper into a two day stay here, this system is seeming rather silly indeed. Net in Europe is still not a normal everyday thing.

Also of note is this weird mate-like drink that comes in a bottle called “Club Mate.” This is apparently the rage in hackerboy circles. All the caffeine and half the calories. Not bad. But also not good.

Club Mate hacker boy juice.

The arthotel bar has suffered a severe setback. No more good rum. This is a darn shame. The havana club 7 sucks compared to Mt. Gay Extra Old or the 15 year old Cuban they had on hand last trip. Similarly, an absinthe run was unsuccessful Monday due to smokey atmosphere and bad music. I miss my bar.

Nits notwithstanding, the arthotel retains its five showerheads rating.

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