Epic Daylight Savings Time FAIL Narrowly Averted

March 25, 2012

Europe changed their clocks forward for daylight savings time last night at 2am…or maybe that was 3am?! Fortunately, my friend Gunter reminded me of this ahead of time.

I wondered whether or not my G2 would “do the right thing” WRT daylight savings time and the alarm that I always count on. Nope! Good thing the failsafe backup plan worked. The hotel called to wake me up at the correct 7am (not the version my phone was using); I only very rarely request wake up calls. The G2 meanwhile decided on its own that my 7am alarm “should have been” for 8am when it changed its own time setting. Awful. I could be in a state of panic now instead of zooming toward Frankfurt on an ICE train.

Would the DAli clock do the right thing? You be the judge.

I was pleased to meet Jan Egenberger, the proprietor at the Qube in the morning. It was his call that woke me up as requested. Jan arranged for me to have a double espresso macchiato and a roll before the official start of breakfast. We also briefly discussed the Qube’s rating from the previous entry and what might be done to address shortcomings. Jan is a very diligent and determined guy.

Here’s the interesting bit about the evening before. After dinner at the Print Media Lounge (who knew they served food?!), I was fortunate enough to head over to the Bent Bar for an absolutely delightful evening with Milan Nesin. Bent Bar is hands down the best mixology location in Heidelberg. And Milan mixes a very mean drink.

We compared notes, discussed some standards, introduced one of my favorites to the mix (a Nevada), and tried some of Milan’s very carefully constructed house drinks. The Bent Bar is a must visit location for anyone serious about mixology.

Back to the G2’s poor attempt to run my life. Since we were out pretty late anyway, Florian and I decided to wait until 2am and see what our phones did. His changed time properly. Mine decided to lag and change itself while I was asleep (well after 2am) and to screw up the wake up time. Let this be a lesson for all…smart phones are not to swift when it comes to daylight savings time changes in “non-home” locations (two weeks after the US time change). What a mess.

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