No Boutique Hotels to be found in Hanover, NH (Six South)

April 26, 2012

Uh oh, looks like the word “boutique” is being thrown around with impunity these days by a number of hotels that really are not. The latest iteration of that problem can be found in Hanover, NH (where Dartmouth is). Six South calls itself “a boutique hotel” more than once. It is more like a plussed up Holiday Inn than anything else I can think of. Thin walls (the guy next door is currently on his cell phone), hamster-cage rectangle room designs, veneer plated plywood modular furniture, and cups covered in plastic (though I must admit that’s better than plastic cups).

Cups covered in plastic?

Maybe it is more like the Indigo in Jacksonville than like a Holiday Inn. But it is less like what I would like to think of as a boutique hotel.

Bedroom designed just like a plastic shower hotel, but the shower is not plastic.

Ikea chic. TV worship welcome here.

The couch is kind of nice.

Nice couch sadly crammed in the room.

The bathroom is problematic, mostly because it makes a mockery of my heuristic (which is why we call it a heuristic and not a rule, I suppose). The shower is glass! But the bathroom is tiny and feels like a Hilton?! Horrors.

Glass shower. Very confusing.

Cramped bathroom in classic hotel you don't want to stay in layout.

In the end, the Six South is going to have to settle for a three shower heads rating. Just not good enough to stay in again.

Hanover is a charming little town caught in the time warp caused by Dartmouth. Mixology has yet to make a serious appearance.

Some interesting news on the United Express front. I flew up on Mesa (UA 3797) and the flight attendant Darita Sterling-Ward was just super. If Mesa gets more people like Darita on the staff, I will need to revisit the sense of dread I feel when I am sentenced to fly Mesa.

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