Funky Gourmet in Athens: Best Restaurant in the World?

July 15, 2012

I admit, I am a foodie even though I dislike that term. And I like to cook myself. There are only a few thing more satisfying than experiencing an incredible meal that can’t be reverse-engineered. We’ve had our share of amazing dining experiences all over the world in our day. Funky Gourmet in Athens(?!) takes the fruit basket. Wow.

Here are a few pictures and videos of the meal I just experienced. The pairing was exquisite. Just amazing. The soundtrack was great too. There was only one bug, the American hamburger homage can go (too sweet). Most of the dishes were astounding (and non-reversible).

Highlights mostly in order but skipping some courses.

Digging for celery root

Squaring the pea

Vegetable salad

Salmon substitution. This course was incredible.

Pearl in shell beats the oyster at Volt hands down, It actually tastes fantastic.

The coup de grace: the very berry dessert, A combination of real a virtual fruit.

If you have a chance to go to Funky Gourmet, definitely go. An experience worth travelling to Athens for.

One Response to “Funky Gourmet in Athens: Best Restaurant in the World?”

  1. Kostas P. Says:

    Glad you liked it so much. Next time you’ll be around I can point you to a couple more that are not in the Michelin guide but are definitely worth visiting.

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