Bittersweet in NY

August 24, 2013

Dropping off the first born for college at NYU. It’s gonna be a strange week next week adjusting to life without him underfoot! Nobody will be up at 4am or asleep at 3pm (unless it’s near the solstice). We battled I-95 and the NJ Turnpike and drove directly into the city for the first time since 1989. The corporate apartment (with ample secure parking next door) is a perfect place to stay.

Room with a view

Room with a view

It’s a gorgeous crystal clear late summer day. Here’s the view.

Amenities include a kitchen (which we will ignore), and a big leather couch.



Big leather couch

Big leather couch

We will pretend the showers are less plastic than they are. Well, no plastic, but they are shower over tub showers. Yes we will. And we will wash the sheets and towels on the way out.

Dinner at hearth as suggested by jS himself. A quick review. Music and ambiance: superior. Any place that has Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and Bowie on rotation makes us happy. Wine list: outstanding, quirky, weird and fun. We had a GSM like wine from Portugal that was superb. Food: good solid, not amazing. Service: our poor waitress was overworked with too many tables. The wine guys and server boys stepped in to help. All in all, we felt like we were whipped around on the trolley car of the second seating. That’s not good. Go back? Maybe.

But before that, a walk down the high line park. The park is a must see. Excellent in all respects.

HIgh line at sunset.

HIgh line at sunset.

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  1. […] worth a visit (and way better than Hearth) is Fedora in the west village. Well crafted cocktails made by barkeeps who know what they are […]

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