Please to be Giving us More Interwebs

March 1, 2014

Those of us on noplasticshowers have been on the interwebs since 1985. We have some claims to fame such as: we stood up node 400 on the web in 1993, we wrote a chapter 10 of the first book ever sold on amazon, and we wrote the first book in the world on software security.

But nevermind all that. When we’re on the road, we need us some interwebs.


So what’s the problem? Well, even our favorite hotel chain has net that can be overloaded by 6 hamsters surfing porn simultaneously. Throw in a conference of 25,000 geeks and the net no workie.

Next: brand new wings at SFO have gorgeous architecture but can you get net? No. SFO Architecture sans Net The designers thought more about electricity than bits. (At least they are halfway there.)

Then there is the supreme suckiness that is United airlines. Delta has wifi. United has mandatory ads on DirecTV but no net. United really sucks these days.

Having no net is like having no oxygen. Please universe, to be giving us more interwebs on the road!!

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