Travel Perfection

March 10, 2014

Sometimes a plan just comes together perfectly. This trip has been that way so far.

First, a fantastic fun-filled weekend capped by a walk along the Shenandoah River with dear friends. Then a prime level 2 parking spot at Dulles. A leisurely stroll through TSApre with no line at all; time for a sandwich and a glass of wine. A gate right next door to Vino Volo.

Smooth boarding on a new 777. A business class pod. Actual sleep on the plane (having a fun filled weekend is key to that). A friendly flight attendant. A walk through customs with no line. Suitcase swinging around just as I arrived at baggage claim.

A direct walk to the Heathrow Express which arrived in 30 seconds. A clear shot cab ride from Paddington to the Zetter.

Room 503 ready to go. A hot shower. Much improved Net.

It’s all going right.


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